What Caused TIMKEN Bearing Temperature To Rise

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High bearing temperature is a common and harmful hazard of rotating equipment, which will reduce the service life of TIMKEN Bearings and increase maintenance costs. When the temperature rises rapidly and the temperature exceeds the standard, it is easy to cause the unit to be unplanned outage or load reduction The economic benefits have a great impact. Therefore, to quickly determine the cause of the failure and take appropriate measures to solve it is the guarantee for the continuous and safe operation of the equipment.



Common causes of high bearing temperature:


1) Poor lubrication, such as insufficient lubrication or excessive lubrication, the quality of lubricating oil does not meet the requirements, deterioration or debris;

2) Insufficient cooling, such as pipeline blockage, inappropriate use of cooler, and poor cooling effect;

3) The bearing is abnormal, such as bearing damage, poor bearing assembly process, and the gap adjustment of each part of the bearing box does not meet the requirements;

4) Large vibration, such as the poor alignment process of the coupling does not meet the requirements, the rotor has dynamic and static imbalances, poor foundation rigidity, virtual feet, rotating stall and surge.

When the bearing temperature is high, the problem should be solved from the following aspects:


1) Insufficient refueling amount, too little or too much lubricating grease


The bearing box should be refueled regularly in accordance with the requirements of the work. After the bearing is lubricated, sometimes the temperature will be high, mainly due to too much lubricating. At this time, the phenomenon is that the temperature continues to rise. After reaching a certain point (generally about 10 to 15 degrees Celsius higher than the normal operating temperature), it will remain unchanged, and then it will gradually decrease.


2) The grease added to the bearing does not meet the requirements or is contaminated


Inappropriate selection of lubricating grease, it is not easy to form a uniform lubricating film, can not reduce the friction and wear inside the bearing, insufficient lubrication, bearing temperature rise. When different types of grease are mixed, a chemical reaction may occur, causing the grease to deteriorate and agglomerate, reducing the lubrication effect. The contamination of grease will also increase the temperature of the bearing, and the dust will fall into the process of adding grease, which will cause the pollution of grease and lead to the deterioration of the grease inside the bearing box, which will damage the bearing lubrication and increase the temperature.


Therefore, suitable grease should be selected, and the bearing box and bearings should be cleaned during inspection and maintenance. The oil pipeline should be inspected and unblocked. Different types of grease are not allowed to be mixed. Grease should be added regularly, and grease should be properly stored for moisture and dust prevention measures.Need TIMKEN Bearing 09719,click here to know more about it.

3) Not enough cooling


Check whether the pipeline is blocked, and whether the temperature of oil inlet and return water exceeds the standard. If the cooler is not selected properly, the cooling effect is poor, and the use requirements cannot be met, it should be replaced in time or a new cooler should be installed in parallel. The axial flow induced draft fan should also check the insulation and tightness of the core tube.


4) After confirming that the above problems do not exist, check the alignment of the coupling and the bearing


The alignment of the coupling must meet the process standards. When aligning axial flow induced draft fan, hydraulic coupler, etc., the problem of thermal expansion of the equipment during operation should also be considered. The bearing box rises on the impeller side of the induced draft fan due to heat; the temperature increases during the operation of the hydraulic coupler. The bearing box expands and the bearing rises. Therefore, the motor should be higher during correction. The amount of reserve depends on the characteristics and operation of the equipment Depending on the temperature parameter.

Find the problem of bearing heat and solve it in time, which can effectively increase the service life of the bearing and reduce the frequency of failures, help users reduce a lot of costs, and really prevent it from happening.