Type and Mounting of IKO Cam Followers

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Type of IKO Cam Followers

IKO standard CAM driven bearing CF type: standard CAM driven bearing CF is the basic form of CAM driven bearing. The diameter of the rod end ranges from the smallest 3mm to the largest 30mm.Need IKO CF6BUUR,click here to learn more.

IKO CAM driven bearings with hexagonal holes can be lubricated from the top of the rod end

As the driven bearing of the CAM mechanism and the driven bearing of the linear motion, the CAM driven bearing has high rigidity and high precision, and is widely used in machine tools, industrial manipulators, electronic components and OA equipment, etc.

Installation of IKO Cam Followers:

1. After the center line of the mounting hole is at right Angle to the movement direction of the CAM driven bearing, the side of the mounting hole is fixed with the ladymother after it is aligned correctly according to the/size in the size table. (refer to figure 1) please do not hit the flange of the CAM driven bearing directly with a hammer during installation, otherwise it will cause improper rotation or fracture.

2. The mark on the side of the flange at the rod end indicates the oil hole location on the track surface. Please pay attention not to install the oil hole in the load field during installation. The oil hole located in the load field will shorten the service life of the bearing. (refer to figure 2) the vertical hole in the center of the rod end is used for refueling or stopping.

3. When tightening nuts, the maximum tightening torque range shown in the dimension table shall not be exceeded. If the tightening torque is too large, the thread part at the end of the rod will be broken. In addition, use lock nuts, spring washers, or special locknuts if used under conditions that may loosen the nuts.

4. eccentric CAM driven bearing and CAM driven bearing with an eccentric sleeve of the outer ring of the S can be adjusted by the top of the screw driver cupola or hexagon hole to make it rotate. Rod end can be fixed by spring washer and screw. Tightening nuts shall not exceed the maximum tightening torque range shown in the dimension sheet.

When carrying shock load and it is necessary to properly maintain the eccentric adjustment, it is recommended, as shown in figure 3, to use the method of cutting through the axle hole to the rod set or centering axle sleeve and fixing with the locating pin. However, the rod end diameter below 8mm (eccentric sleeve diameter 11mm) has been hardened.

This type of bearing is mainly used in large shaft diameter small bearing seat, need to have a small amount of axial series moving place, but the requirements of low speed.

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