SKF Self-Aligning Ball Bearings

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The self-aligning ball bearing has two structures: cylindrical hole and conical hole. The material of the cage is steel plate, synthetic resin, etc. Its characteristic is that the outer ring raceway is spherical and has self-aligning ability, which can compensate the error caused by the self-aligning ball bearings with different centers and shaft deflections.

The self-aligning ball bearing with dust cover and sealing ring has been filled with a proper amount of grease during assembly. It should not be heated or cleaned before installation. It does not need to be relubricated during use. It is suitable for operating temperatures-30 ℃ to + 120 ℃ between. The main purpose of self-aligning ball bearings: suitable for precision instruments, low-noise motors, automobiles, motorcycles and general machinery, etc. It is the most widely used type of bearing in the machinery industry.

The center of curvature of the raceway surface of the outer ring is consistent with the bearing center, so it has the same self-aligning function as the self-aligning ball bearing. When the shaft and casing deflect, it can be adjusted automatically without increasing the bearing burden. Spherical roller bearings can withstand radial loads and axial loads in two directions. The radial load capacity is large, suitable for heavy load and impact load. The inner diameter of the inner ring is a tapered bore bearing, which can be installed directly. Or use adapter sleeve and dismounting cylinder to install on the cylindrical shaft. The cage uses steel stamping cage, polyamide forming cage and copper alloy car cage.Need SKF 2206 E-2RS1TN9 click here.

Adjustable ball bearing has cylindrical hole and cone hole two kinds of structure, cage material is steel plate, synthetic resin, etc.Its characteristic is that the raceway of the outer ring is spherical in shape and has automatic centering, which can compensate the errors caused by different concentricity and axial deflection, but the relative inclination of the inner and outer rings shall not exceed 3 degrees.

The self-aligning ball bearing is suitable for bearing heavy load and impact load, precision instruments, low noise motor, automobile, motorcycle, metallurgy, rolling mill, mining, oil, paper, cement, sugar and other industries and general machinery.

For bearings with heavy loads, poor working conditions or special requirements for sealing, a built - in contact seal adjustable roller bearing can be used.The dimension of the bearing is exactly the same as that of the non-sealed bearing.The center adjustment Angle is allowed to be 0.5°, and the working temperature is -20℃~110℃.According to the difference between the inner ring with and without retaining edge and the cage used, it can be divided into two basic types: C type and CA type. The characteristic of the C type bearing is that the inner ring has no retaining edge and the cage is stamped with steel plate. The characteristic of the CA type bearing is that both sides of the inner ring have retaining edge and the cage is made of car.This kind of bearing is especially suitable for working under heavy load or vibration load.A bearing with a drum roller is assembled between an inner ring with two raceway and an outer ring with a spherical raceway.

The self-aligning ball bearing are generally not used in pairs, because pairs of using aligning roller bearings its centering function will decline.Need SKF 2211 EKTN9 click here.

Centering roller bearings are mainly used to bear radial load, and can also bear a certain amount of axial load, but generally can not bear the pure axial load.The raceway of the outer ring of this type of bearing is spherical, and the former residence has the performance of centering. When the shaft is bent or inclined, so that the relative inclination between the center line of the inner ring and the center line of the outer ring does not exceed 0.5° ~ 2°, the bearing can still work normally.Its structural principle and characteristics and adjustable ball bearings are the same, the only difference is that the rolling body is a spherical roller, because of the different rolling body, so it has a larger bearing capacity, widely used in mines and heavy machinery.The bearing may limit the axial displacement of the shaft or housing within the axial clearance of the bearing.

Aligning roller bearings and aligning ball bearings, in accordance with the 
capacity and limit speed permits, can be substituted for each other.ERIC BEARING LIMITED welcome you anytime.