TIMKEN Spherical Roller Bearings

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ERIC BEARING LIMITED also has enough stock for TIMKEN Spherical Roller Bearings.

TIMKEN spherical roller bearings are a combination of radial and thrust bearings and are designed to operate under load induced eccentricity of shaft and housing.The high performance bearing is one of the best choices for heavy load, eccentric bearing housing or shaft deformation.

Generally speaking,TIMKEN Spherical Roller Bearing has some tips as below:

Precautions for use

Because the rolling bearing belongs to a component of the precision machine, it should be used with caution.Even if high performance bearings are used, they will not achieve the desired performance if not used properly.Therefore, the following points should be noted 

when using bearings:

- the bearing and surrounding parts should be kept clean and free from dust.

- use carefully to avoid strong impact.

- use accurate tools and avoid proxy tools.

- pay attention to avoid bearing rust, wear gloves, avoid hand sweating, pay attention to corrosive gases.

The installation

The quality of the bearing installation, will affect the bearing accuracy, life and performance, therefore, please fully study the bearing installation.Bearing installation method, in general, is the majority of shaft rotation, therefore, the inner ring for interference fit, bearing outer ring and bearing chamber for clearance fit.

- need clean bearings and related parts.

- check the size and finish of relevant parts.

- installation method.

- inspection of bearings after installation.

- lubricant addition. spherical roller bearing is allowed to work speed is low, spherical roller bearing press roller cross section shape is divided into symmetric form spherical roller and asymmetric form spherical roller two kinds of different structure, asymmetric spherical roller bearings belong to the early products, at present is mainly designed for host maintenance service new host chooses, rarely symmetrical shape of spherical roller bearing inner structure through comprehensive improvement design and parameter optimization, compared with the early production of spherical roller bearing can bear a greater axial load, the bearing operating temperature is low, so it can adapt to the requirement of high speed.

The installation sequence

-- heat the oil in the oil tank to 80℃ ~ 100 ℃ and stir, the oil temperature shall not exceed 120 ℃;

- completely immerse the bearing in oil;Keep the oil temperature at 80 ℃ ~ 100 ℃ until the oil and bearing isothermal;

- the heating and holding time is determined by the bearing size, generally 30 minutes;

- clean the surface of the shaft;

-- take out the bearing, put on the heat insulation gloves, and put the bearing directly on the shaft.If the bearing cannot be successfully installed in place, remove the bearing from the shaft immediately to avoid disassembly difficulties.Check shaft accuracy and bearing temperature, reheat installation;

- mount the bearing directly on the shaft until the end face of the bearing inner ring is in close contact with the shaft shoulder. Tighten the locking nut after the bearing is cooled;

-- when using the lock washer to stop, remove the lock nut, install the inner claw of the lock washer's inner diameter in alignment with the shaft keyway, and then install the lock nut. After tightening the nut, cut an outer claw plate of the lock washer into the lock nut's outer diameter;

-- when locking nut is used, the outer diameter notch of the nut is coincided with the shaft keyway. TIMKEN bearing 22215EJW33C3 is inserted into the locking nut and the locking nut is fixed with gasket and screw.

- apply lubricating oil to the bearing after the bearing is installed, and cover the bearing with plastic film to prevent dust.

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