TIMKEN Tapered Roller Bearings

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Tapered roller bearing classify into Single row metric size tapered roller bearings,Single row inch size tapered roller bearings,Double row inch size tapered roller bearings-TDI Type,Double row inch size tapered roller bearings-TDO Type,Matched bearings arranged DF Type,ERIC BEARING LIMITED has enough stock for different types of TIMKEN Tapered roller bearing.

A single row tapered roller bearing has an outer ring, an inner ring and a set of tapered rollers an inner ring assembly comprising a basket cage.The outer ring and the inner ring components can be separated. According to the ISO tapered roller bearing outline size standard, any standard type of tapered roller bearing outer ring or inner ring components should be able to achieve international exchange with the same type of outer ring or inner ring components.In other words, the outer ring of the same type should conform to ISO492(GB307) in addition to the external size and tolerance, the cone Angle of the inner ring component, the cone diameter of the component, etc., must also conform to the relevant provisions of interchange.Generally, the cone Angle of the raceway of the outer ring of single-row tapered roller bearing is between 10° and 19°, which can bear the combined axial and radial loads at the same time.The larger the cone Angle, the greater the bearing capacity of axial load.The bearing with large taper Angle, the rear code plus B, the cone Angle is between 25° and 29°, it can bear a large axial load.In addition, single row tapered roller bearings can be adjusted during the installation clearance size.

The ability of a single row tapered roller bearing to bear axial load depends on the contact Angle, in other words, the raceway Angle of the outer ring. The greater the Angle, the greater the axial load capacity.Tapered roller bearings in the largest amount of single row tapered roller bearings.In the front wheel hub of the car, a small size double row tapered roller bearings are used.Four-row tapered roller bearings are used in heavy machines such as large cold and hot rolling mills.

The outer ring (or inner ring) of double row tapered roller bearings is a whole.Two inner ring (or outer ring) small end face is similar, the middle ring, clearance is by the thickness of the ring to adjust, can also be used to adjust the thickness of the double row tapered roller bearings.

Tapered roller bearings are mainly used to bear the combined radial and axial loads, mainly radial loads.Compared with angular contact ball bearing, the bearing capacity is large and the limit speed is low.Tapered roller bearings can withstand axial load in one direction and can limit axial displacement of the shaft or housing in one direction.

Tapered roller bearings have tapered inner ring and outer ring raceway, and tapered rollers are arranged in between.All the projection lines on the cone surface meet at the same point on the bearing axis.This design makes tapered roller bearings particularly suitable for composite (radial and axial) loads.The bearing axial load capacity is largely determined by the contact Angle.The greater the Angle, the greater the axial load capacity.The magnitude of the Angle is expressed by the calculated coefficient e;The greater the e value, the greater the contact Angle, and the greater the applicability of the bearing to bear the axial load.

TIMKEN Tapered roller bearings are widely used in automobile, rolling mill, mining, metallurgy, plastic machinery and other industries.

The following some of our Tapered roller bearings catalogue for your information :

Boundary dimensions Mass Bearing NO.
(mm) (kg)
31.75 69.012 39.705 39.182 0.71 14126D/14276
42.862 80.962 34.925 31.75 0.77 13169D/13318
44.45 80.962 34.925 31.75 0.74 13176D/13318
46.037 80.962 34.925 31.75 0.73 13182D/13318
50.8 93.264 50.013 53.188 1.4 375D/374
50.8 96.838 53.188 53.188 1.61 375D/372A
55.562 96.838 51.298 53.188 2.05 389DE/382A
63.5 112.712 60.325 60.325 2.59 39585D/39520
63.5 136.525 66.091 65.989 4.59 78251D/78537
63.5 140.03 66.09 65.989 4.83 78251D/78551
64.987 136.525 66.091 65.989 4.55 78255D/78537
64.987 140.03 66.091 65.989 4.91 78255D/78551
80.962 133.35 60.325 59.538 3.25 496D/492A
80.962 136.525 60.325 59.538 3.53 496D/493
80.962 139.992 80.962 80.134 5.31 581D/572
85.725 123.825 41.278 44.45 1.74 L217845D/L217810
85.725 127 41.278 44.45 1.93 L217845D/L217813
88.9 161.925 101.549 107.95 8.77 767D/752
92.075 148.43 57.15 57.942 3.87 42362D/42584
95.25 136.525 57.15 57.15 2.68 LM119348D/LM119311