Importance of Seals

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Seal is extremely important for bearing, if problems sealing parts of the bearing sealing test pressure is great, especially for the rodless cavity pressure test, without tooling, by the rodless cavity pressure testing and through a lot of pressure acting on the piston rod, piston, if only the connection to withstand oil crock mouth is absolutely not.Therefore, usually this kind of test pressure is after carefully assembling the oil cylinder, then enters the general assembly complete machine debugging phase to carry on.It can have a great impact, such as irregular shape, lack of meat, small cracks and so on the sealing parts are not allowed.However, the test of bearing tightness is an assessment of the assembly and reliability of the sealing part of the oil cylinder and its joints after assembly.For example, seal and connection of cylinder head, piston of oil cylinder (rod cavity and rod cavity), static seal and seal condition, etc.

When using the machine frame of the oil cylinder to bear the pressure, if the assembly of oil cylinder is good, it can be.The oil cylinder will be very smooth in the final assembly test, not only save the working load of the oil cylinder after assembling separately, but also save the corresponding working hours, and shorten the production cycle, which is very useful for the production effect.If the operator does not check carefully and work carefully, the result will not be paid.

Therefore, in front of the assembled bearing should carefully review the size precision of the parts, sealing parts due to the size of the seal groove accuracy out-of-tolerance or seal surface roughness do not meet the requirement and make the seal failure.In addition, special to seal lip inspection, do not put defective seals into the product.In addition, the material, hardness and other indicators of bearing seals shall be checked with the product qualification certificate and the warehouse receipt.

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