The Role Of Bearing Housing

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Eric Bearing Limited offer not only Bearings but also Bearing housing,Where there is a bearing, there must be a support point, the bearing's internal support point is the shaft, the external support is bearing housing.Because a bearing can choose different bearing block, and a bearing block at the same time can choose different types of bearings, therefore, makes a variety of bearing housing.Bearing housing is fast and easy to be included, many famous brand bearing companies also have their own bearing housing type.However, the same bearing type is not marked exactly the same in different company samples.For applications where standard bearing blocks are not suitable, bearing blocks of different materials can be selected such as: grey cast iron, nodular cast iron and special bearing blocks of cast steel, stainless steel and plastic.  


The bearing housing serves to rotate the bearing, the outer ring of the fixed bearing, only the inner ring to keep the outer ring stationary, and always in accordance with the transmission direction (such as engine running direction) to maintain and maintain balance; Is the collection of bearings and boxes for ease of use, so the benefits can be better with more convenient usage and reduce the cost when using the manufacturer. As for the mold, variety, usually a box, bearing can be installed in it

According to the different requirements of bearing and bearing housing, bearing housing classification is not exactly the same, in the use of the design, carefully check the selection.

I. classification according to the shape of bearing block:

1). Outer spherical bearing with seat, also known as bearing unit (SKF).When there is no bearing is called the outer spherical bearing seat. the outer spherical bearing seat is divided into 200 series according to the bearing series.The 500 series.The 300 series.The 600 series.XOO series.

2). The outer spherical bearing housing is divided into vertical seat (P housing), square housing (F housing), diamond housing (FL housing), circular seat (C housing), convex housing (FC housing), convex seat square housing (FS housing), dark hole housing (PA housing), hanging housing (FA housing).Buy NSK UCF201,click here 

3). Integral (i.e., non-separated) vertical bearing Block, bearing box cover with screw fastening.These vertical housing blocks were originally developed as axle boxes for light rail trucks, but can also be used for traditional vertical housing blocks.Non - separated vertical bearing blocks are more rigid than separated bearing blocks and some can withstand heavier loads.The outer spherical bearing seat also belongs to the integral housing.

2. Split Type bearing housing

Split type bearing housing, according to the choice of different bearings and shaft requirements of SN2, 5, 3, 6 series, SNL2, SNL5, SD have 2, 5, 3, 6, 3100, 3000, 3200

Bearing housing is divided into: split bearing housing, sliding bearing housing, rolling bearing housing, bearing housing with flange, outer spherical bearing housing.Buy SKF SNL 3052,click here