Judge The Grease Deterioration Method

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In order to provide better performance for BEARINGS, the bearing is used to lubricate the bearing, which can reduce the friction and temperature rise of the bearing,If grease is bad, it will not play a role of itself,but also the use of bearing may actually be worse, so we must learn how to discern when buying grease if it is bad.

Determination of grease deterioration method:

1. Oil flow observation method

Take two cups, one of which need to be checked out of the lubricating oil, empty on the desktop, the other will be filled with lubricating oil measuring cup for leave desktop 30 to 40 cm tall and lean, let oil flow slowly to the empty cup, to observe the flow situation, when good quality lubricant oil flow should be long and thin, uniform, continuous, if appear oil flow fast and slow, sometimes with large flow, the said lubricating oil has deteriorated.

2. Hand twist method

Be twist lubricating oil between the thumb and forefinger grinding, good lubricating oil hand feel less lubricity, wear debris, no friction, if feel fingers between the larger friction feeling such as sand, suggests that the impurity, lubricating oil can no longer use, a new lubricating oil should be replaced.

3. Lighting method

On a clear day, use a screwdriver to lift the oil, which is 45 degrees from the surface of the water.Compare the sunlight, observe the oil dripping condition, under the light, can clearly see the no grinding dust in the lubricating oil is good, can continue to function, if the grinding chips too much, should change lubricants.

4. Oil drop trace method

Take a clean white paper, number of oil drops on the filter paper, after waiting for lubricating oil leakage, if the surface is black powder, touch resistance acerbity feeling, is the lubricant inside has many impurities, good oil powder, with the hand feels dry, smooth, and yellow.

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