Working environment and performance requirements for bearing

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The bearing is composed of inner, outer ring, rolling body (ball, roller or needle) and retaining device. Except for the retaining device, the rest is made of bearing steel.When bearing work, the bearing inner and outer ring, bearing rolling body to withstand high frequency, variable stress.The working conditions of bearings are very complicated.The load is concentrated in a small area of the rolling body.In theory, for ball bearings, on one point;For roller is in a line, and the contact area between the roller and ring is small (a point/line contact), so the bearing parts at work, the per unit area on the surface of the roller and the ring to bear a lot of pressure, general n/was as high as 1500-1500;When the bearing is rotated, the centrifugal force is also subjected to the force, and the force increases with the increase of the rotational speed;There is not only rolling, but also sliding, between the rolling body and the ring, so there is friction between the rolling body and the ring.Under the combined action of the above forces, fatigue cracks are first produced in the parts of the ring or the surface of the rolling body with low fatigue strength, resulting in fatigue peeling and failure of bearing failure.The normal damage of the bearing is contact fatigue damage, and it is common to have plastic deformation, indentation, wear, crack, etc. 

The life and reliability of bearings are related to the design, manufacture, lubrication conditions, installation and maintenance of bearings, but the high quality and reliability of bearing materials are the key.The rolling bearing parts should work in high speed and long time under the complex stress state and high stress values of stretching, compression, bending, shearing and alternating.Therefore, the requirement of rolling bearing is:

1) high resistance to plastic deformation,

2) high anti-friction and wear properties,

3) high rotation precision and dimensional accuracy,

4) good dimensional stability,

5) long service life and high reliability. 

For bearings under special conditions, there are special requirements, such as high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and magnetic resistance.Buy INA IR130X150X50,click here