The difference of cylindrical bearing and needle bearing

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In terms of shape, there are two criteria for the difference between the needle and the cylindrical. The first is that the ratio is 2.5 as the cut-off point.The second criterion is a scale of 4.Need bearing SKF AXK 1226,SKF AXK 85110,click here 

From the point of view of force, the needle is completely free of axial force (the end face of the needle is not grinding, and if it is in contact with the shoulder, the friction is very large),And the roller, if the raceway with the shoulder, is able to withstand a certain axial force, of course not too large, the principle is not more than 1/10 of the radial force.Need bearing SKF NU 218 ECM,SKF NJ 218 ECJ,click here


From the perspective of application, the needle roller is mainly applied to the space restricted situation, so the automobile, motorcycle and spinning machine are widely used.Moreover, the inner ring of the needle roller is optional, which is that if the rigidity of the shaft and the roughness meet the requirements, the inner circle (the space is limited),However, if the shaft is less processed or softer, the inner ring should be used as a raceway.The roller is often used to support the floating end of the shaft to absorb the expansion of the axis.The four columns on the machine are used more, mainly the roller bearing capacity is very large.