NSK bearing corrosion on load and displacement effect

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Imports NSK bearing corrosion is determined by a variety of intrinsic and extrinsic factors, Baconian rise to basically have:

1, metal surface finish ( oxygen concentration cell corrosion ).

2, the metal material chemical composition and structure.

3, contact with the metal surface of the solution composition and pH values.

4, environmental temperature and humidity.

5, and the metal contacting the surface of various environmental media.

6, another person's sweat is also the initiator NSK bearing corrosion reason, its pH value was 5 ~ 6. So in order to prevent the hand sweat caused by corrosion, installation and production personnel should wear gloves, do not hand contact with imported bearings.

A group of the same type of ball bearing and tapered roller bearing more than 2 sets and as a set of installation, function, called the combined bearing. Combined bearing the most commonly used types are single row angular contact ball bearings, mainly used in machine tool spindle and other places required bearing and minimize NSK bearing displacement condition.

Double component for back to back, face to face and parallel combination of the 3, the combined code are respectively the DB . DF. DT ( see Figure 1 )