Cleaning, maintenance and analysis of Timken bearing-2

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2, Inspection and judgement of the TIMKEN bearing

In order to judge the disassembled bearing can then use, bearing should be washed after the check, examine the raceway surface carefully , rolling surface, with the state, the retainer wear, bearing clearance increases and there about the dimension accuracy decreased injury, abnormal. Non separable ball bearing, with one hand inner support level, the rotary outer ring to confirm whether the smooth.TIMKEN bearing Tapered roller bearings and other separation type bearing, the rolling body, the outer ring raceway surfaces were examined separately.Large TIMKEN bearing for the rotation of hands, pay attention to check the rolling body, raceway, holder, while retaining boundary surface appearance, bearing the importance of a careful examination of the Gao Yu beard.Whether to use judgment, is considered a deep groove ball bearing damage, mechanical properties, importance, operation conditions, to the next overhaul period and decision. But, as has the following defects can not use, must be replaced with new bearings:
( a ) the inner ring, outer ring, a rolling body, the holder onto any cracks or gaps TIMKEN bearing ;
( b ) the ferrule, the rolling body on any one of a fracture;
( c ) the raceway surface, rib, the rolling body has remarkable card injury;
( d ) the retainer wear significantly, or significant slack rivet;
( E ) the raceway surface, the rolling body rust, injury;
( f ) the raceway surface, the rolling body has serious indentation and hit the mark;
( g ) the inner diameter surface or the outer diameter surface have obvious creep;
( H ) because of the heat caused by the obvious;
( I ) grease sealed bearings, seals or dust cover damaged obviously.
Internal factors mainly refers to the structure design, manufacturing process and material quality determines the quality of bearing of three big factors. Deep groove ball bearing metallurgical quality was influenced early TIMKEN bearing the main factors of failure. With the metallurgy technology ( such as bearing steel vacuum degassing etc.) progress, improve the quality of raw material. Raw material quality factors in the failure analysis of bearing in the proportion has decreased significantly, but it is still deep groove ball bearing failure of one of the main influencing factors. Selection of proper is still bearing failure analysis must take into account factors.