Cleaning ,maintenance and analysis of Timken bearing-1

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First of all, some equipment in the use of TIMKEN bearing when its own clearance problems require very strict, if the clearance is too large, even a slightly larger, it will make equipment parts wear easily ,then it can solved by reducing the clearance .But there is another problem appeared again, the clearance is too small, the problem of heat dissipation, heat dissipation if improperly, can lead to internal temperature result in bearing overheat and burn easily!
The second ,TIMKEN bearing might be excessive load. Speed is too large while clearance is too small and water or other foreign intrusion. If the above two types of cases are not so is shaft bearing box, bad precision, large deflection of the shaft.

I think we all want to know the solution, first of all, to study the lubricant and lubrication method, selection of TIMKEN deep groove ball bearing lubricant, and dosage, and to correct the bearing selection. Study to match, bearing clearance and preload, and improvement of sealing device. Check the shaft and bearing accuracy. Of course, if you next to what the experts say, let him follow the operation you best!

1,TIMKEN  bearing cleaning .
The disassembled bearing maintenance, the first recorded appearance of deep groove ball bearings, confirm the lubricant residue, sampling inspection by the lubricant, wash bearing. As a cleaning agent, general use gasoline, kerosene.Dismounted bearing cleaning, divided into rough cleaning and fine washing, respectively, in a container, first put metal mesh bottom, so that the bearing is not in direct contact with the container dirt. Rough cleaning, if the bearing rotation with dirt, can damage the bearing surface, should be paid attention to. In the coarse clean oil, using the brush clearance to grease, adhesive material, generally clean, to wash.Sperm washing, is a deep groove ball bearings in the cleaning oil while rotating, while carefully cleaning.
In addition, cleaning oil should be kept clean.