The proper use of lubricant of SKF bearing -3

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Typically,SKF bearing  lubricating grease using transmitting speed increased 2000r / min, its life will be reduced by a half. In a high shear stress, the speed is doubled, the service life is equivalent to the original life 1 / 10.Free alkali is refers in the soap grease manufacturing process with fatty acid effects of excess alkali; free organic acid is refers to in the manufacturing process is not saponification fatty acids, or hydrocarbon grease itself contains acid ( naphthenic acid ), SKF bearing or grease saponification oil oxidation and decomposition products.Although you can install the" freedom" of all types of SKF bearing seal, but bearing early failure is still 36% is incorrect and inappropriate use of oil technology. SKF bearing Any improper lubrication bearing in normal life's inevitable failure. Machinery and equipment bearings are usually the most difficult part of the work, there is no fixed lubrication to be is a question. Artificial maintenance condition, cannot be achieved, the automatic lubrication system, can develop in order to achieve the best effect of lubrication. Need to grease, tools and effective lubrication technology, will contribute to a significant reduction in downtime.