The proper use of lubricant of SKF bearing -2

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Grease and oxygen in the air and chemical reactions produce acidic substances, SKF bearing  it is first of all the consumption fat in antioxidant additive, but to a certain extent, the organic acid corroding metal element and disruption of lipid structure, make its decline, dropping point of base oil and viscosity increase mobility of the poor. Experiments show that, the higher the temperature, the more apparent decline of the grease life. Such as the temperature in 90 ~ 100 degrees, each of the temperature increase of 19 degrees, grease life about the lower half, and in the 10 ~ 150 degrees, SKF bearing  each of the temperature increase of 15 degrees, grease life will have dropped by half.In addition, lubricating grease using environment of moisture, dust and harmful gases are also important factors to deterioration. For example: Grease mixed with copper, iron, lead and bronze wear particles, on lipid oxidation catalysis. In short, the failure of lubricating grease for many reasons, SKF bearing  sometimes may be composed of a cause, but more is a variety of elements with the result of action, or a reason for breach, and other causes of common function.Grease in use to be simultaneously subjected to mechanical shear and centrifugal force of the grease will be thrown out of friction interface and the oil, grease, leading to reduced cone penetration decreases while the hardening, to a certain extent grease will complete failure; in mechanical shearing, grease structure destruction ( love such as soap fiber or orientation ), caused from its softening, consistency decreased and condensate quantity increases, eventually leading to failure.