The materials of NSK bearing outside spherical bearing -2

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3.Runningin ability of NSK bearing
Diameter of shaft and bearing in the running-in process, reducing the diameter of the shaft and bearing processing error, coaxial error, surface roughness values, so that the contact is uniform, thereby reducing friction, wear rate capability.
4.Friction compliance
Material on the surface of the elastic-plastic deformation compensation surface sliding friction of initial poor fit and the axis of the flexural properties.NSK bearing  A low modulus of elasticity material better compliance.
5.Wear resistance
As Vice materials to resist wear ability. In terms of the wear condition, wear rate or degree of wear, wear resistance to the reciprocal representation.
6.fatigue resistanceUnder cyclic loading and material resistance to fatigue damage capability. In the use of temperature, bearing material strength, hardness, impact strength and uniformity of structure anti fatigue ability is very important. A running-in, the good material, usually the fatigue resistance of the poor.
7.Corrosion resistance
Material corrosion resistance ability. Lubricating oil in the atmosphere will use the gradual oxidation, produce acidic substances, and in most oil also contains extreme pressure additives, they will erode the NSK bearing outside the spherical bearing material, therefore, NSK outside the spherical bearing material with corrosion resistance.
8.Air resistance
Solid versus liquid motion state, when the bubbles in the liquid on the solid surface rupture produced nearby, local impact pressure or the local high temperature, will lead to erosion wear. Resistance to cavitation erosion and wear ability is called air resistance. Usually, copper alloy of lead, tin based NSK outside the spherical bearing alloy and aluminum zinc silicon alloy corrosion resistance is better.9 compressive strengthUnder uniaxial load without being squeezed bad or sizes do not change capability.