The materials of NSK bearing outside spherical bearing-1

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The materials of import NSK bearing outside spherical bearing should have the properties

1. Friction compatibility
Shaft and bearing direct contact to prevent the occurrence of adhesion and the formation of boundary lubrication performance.
Influence of friction factor is the compatibility of materials of NSK bearing :
( 1 ) as Vice materials metallurgy formed on alloy difficulty degree.
( 2) materials and lubricants compatible ability.
( 3) as Vice materials in non lubricated friction factor.
( 4) the microstructure of materials.
( 5) the material's thermal conductivity.
( 6) the material surface can the size and characteristics of oxide film.

Material allowing the lubricant in exotic particles clamp and prevent scratching or abrasive wear ability. To metal materials, low hardness and lower modulus of elasticity, the embedability  is good,prefer to  metal material . For example carbon graphite, low elastic modulus, but the bad embedability . Slide the outside of NSK bearing spherical bearing is usually relatively soft material and hard material to form a friction piece, generally with a soft material bearing.