Precision TIMKEN bearings and grade

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The precision of rolling TIMKEN bearings ( main ) size precision and the rotating precision. Precision grade has been standardized, divided into P0, P6, P5, P4, P2 class five grade.

In order to improve accuracy from level 0, level 0 is enough for general use, but used in Table 1 shows the conditions or situations, requires a level 5 or higher precision.

TIMKEN bearings  Above precision grade although is based on ISO standard formulation, but its name in the national standards in different.

Table 2 lists the various bearing types for precision grade and national standards of comparison between.

Dimension (with the shaft and shell installation of the project )

1, inside diameter, outside diameter, width and assembly Width Tolerances

2 roller set bore diameter, diameter and outer circle diameter tolerances

3,TIMKEN bearings  chamfer dimension allowed limits

4, the width of the permitted variation

Precision of rotation ( rotating body and beating related items )

a, the inner and outer allows radial and axial runout

b, the inner allows lateral runoutTIMKEN bearings

c, the outer diameter surface inclination permits variation

d, thrust bearing raceway allowing variable momentum thickness

e, a conical hole permissible deviations and permissible variation