The role of TIMKEN bearing in heat treatment of bearing part

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Working temperature in 150 degrees using high temperature bearing called TIMKEN bearing due to chromium bearing steel in the use of temperature over 150 degrees the hardness will decline sharply unstable size can not work normally. So for the working temperature of 150 DEG to 350 DEG of work under the conditions of the TIMKEN bearing rings and rolling elements,TIMKEN bearing  if still use the ordinary high carbon chromium bearing steel manufacturing, it is necessary to bearing parts special tempering treatment, in general should be higher than the operating temperature 50 degrees of tempering. After according to the above requirements tempered bearing steel in TIMKEN, operating temperature under normal use. But after tempering hardness decreased, TIMKEN reduced bearing life. When the bearing working temperature is higher than 350 DEG, must be constructed of high temperature resistant TIMKEN bearing steel.

Causes of high temperature of TIMKEN bearing:

1 .the bearing lubricating oil of poor quality, the lubricating oil of high viscosity;

2 .assembly tightly, lack of space;

3. TIMKEN tight bearing assembly;

4. TIMKEN bearing on the shaft or housing;

5.  bearing the load is too large;

6. TIMKEN bearing cage and rolling body.